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About me

Hello! I'm Lynsey Coghlan, Artist and Creator of the Peas and Beans™. You're probably wondering how the Peas and Beans™ started? It was on a cold wintry Canadian evening that I aimlessly doodled a green line on an app on my phone. I had no plans for this green line, but for some reason I decided to give it some legs, arms and a face. It quickly morphed into Runner Bean. I liked what I'd created, so that evening I also created Frozen Pea. Soon after, all the other Peas and Beans™ managed to find their way out of my imagination, filling my apartment with paintings.

I have painted commissioned Peas and Beans™ pictures for individual customers, and created characters specifically for wonderful events like the Miss Canada Globe contest, the Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS) and you can even find some Peas and Beans exclusive prints on sale at Equity Gallery in New York City.

Originally, all the Peas and Beans™ were created based on puns. There are over 100 pun-pictures, but now you can see them doing all kinds of fun things on the gallery page. You can even check out some animations by our very talented Peas and Beans™ Animator Jenni Tannahill.

Occasionally I paint non-pea and bean pictures. You can see some of my other illustrations here.

Please contact me for orders, inquiries, commissioned work or just to say hello. 

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